Goats. Natural. Gumption.

It takes a lot of heart to be a goat keeper - we admire that about you.

We handcraft our products in small batches on a little island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. 

We use the finest ingredients we can find and you'll get our good, old fashioned hard work and pride in each bag and bottle. 

Try our Nutriboost for only $9.99 - that's half off!

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We made the switch the Dairy Goat Mineral, and then we started on the Dewormer Powder, and we have not had a parasite problem in over a year and our goats coats look amazing!"

Sheryl Mastis

My clients usually judge my job performance by the products I recommend and weknowgoats.com has yet to let me or my clients down, especially serving my more natural clientel.

Dr. Donaldson, DVM

Our Katahdin have been very sturdy and their coats have been unreal since getting them on the Herbal Toner. The way it works is amazing!"

Jeff J Walker

I highly recommend weknowgoats.com and their Dewormer Powder.

Dr. Baker, DVM

My goats are almost knocking me over before I even have a chance to put the minerals out. They love it! And they are super healthy! It's the best mix we have ever used. 

Tara Holley

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